"Allah's will be done"
Ya Allah

All my praises are for Allah, my lord the one who is always there
He knows every sinful thought but his displeasure I canít bear
I ask each day Ya Allah please donít let me stray
I glorify him with word and deed and not only when I pray

My sins I carry as my luggage throughout my entire life
And although sinful I am, to please Allah is for which I strive
Each day I say Ya Allah forgive me and save me from hells fire
It is you I follow and worship Ya Allah you know Iím no liar

I seek protection in you Allah because as you know I am weak
I do not wish to falter for it is pleasure in Jannah I seek
Ya Allah I ask for your help because to stray is what I fear
So I read Qurían and pray to remember youíre always near

Ya Allah guide all my actions and make my faith strong
Please help me to know whatís right so I wonít do wrong
Ya Allah our creator who made us all from clay
Ya Allah you are the one who can make sure we wonít stray

Like all humans Iím an imperfect creature and at times I will do wrong
While I follow the road to Jannah which is difficult and long
Ya Allah you know whatís in my heart and my words you hear
And no matter what I say or do my lord Allah is always here

So all my praises are for you Allah every day and night
I will do my best to follow your rules I will with all my might
Ya Allah thanks for guiding me and thanks for this lives test
I will work so hard to follow them so I know in Jannah I will rest