Words can not describe the feelings that I feel
These feelings I canít tell which are lies and which are real
Betrayed so many times by what I thought was true
Betrayed by those I loved and those I thought I knew

Itís amazing how a word can change a person that you trust
How they treat you in a way that is not fair and just
Itís amazing how love can suddenly turn to hate
All because of a religion, all because of faith

My hope is to make people understand and see
This path I found and that is now so clear to me
To see guided the ones I love and care for oh so deep
To see them stray from the path just makes my heart weep.

In my heart I know Allah he guides whom he wills
He doesnít look at your riches he doesnít look at skills
Some people remain deaf and blind no matter if you try
They will stay disbelievers until the day they die

I realise this more and more with every coming day
Some people will never be guided they will always stray
To make them understand that this believe is true
That is what I hope for but they just have no clue

My path will lead me far from them very far away
I know I have to follow it so I will not stray
I made this choice without a doubt and so it will remain
All the faith inside my heart I know I will retain

Still words can not describe the feelings that I feel
But I know these feelings now they are true and real
They wonít betray me this time because I know theyíre true
These feelings of this faith that leads me straight to you