Some people wander in this life forever lost
They have eyes but canít see and ears but canít hear
They will stay disbelievers no matter what the cost
Even though theyíve been shown the proof so clear

Some people wander in this life without a goal
They search all their lives to find this true faith
They know something is missing deep within their soul
These people are looking for this path so straight

Some people wander in this live with doubt
They know the truth but still remain to question it
They will stray and the seed of disbelieve will sprout
Although they know to Allah they should submit

Some people wander in this life knowing whatís true
They have found the truth within their heart and soul
They will walk on this path that leads straight to you
They will put their trust in Allah which makes them whole

Some people will wander without being guided
They will find the way when it is Allahís will
They will find the truth if thatís what heís decided
And pure happiness in them it will instil