This belief

Muslims believe that Allah is the one
Thereís no one like him and he has no son
He is the all knowing and the all wise
And for pleasing him, Jannah will be our prize

The Qurían is his word brought down from above
This is something I truly have no doubt of
Send down to his messenger peace be upon him
As as seeraj al muneer he gives of a great glim

He explained this religion with tolerance and goodwill
It was the completion of this faith, he had to fulfil
He spread this believe with trust in his faith
He led all who are guided to this path which is straight

Itís hard to imagine and some canít believe
It goes beyond what they understand and perceive
They will only be guided if it is Allahís will
And our hearts with love for Allah it will fill

Great pride we will feel for Islam our deen
Because nothing is hidden the truth can be seen
We will share it with al that are willing to hear
We will show proof and explain until itís clear

So all that believe in this religions truth
For all the old people and all of the youth
We are blessed by Allah, merciful is he
For opening our eyes so the truth we can see

We will live our lives by Allahís rule
Our love for this deen will be our fuel
So feel pride in your heart and deep in your soul
For finding the truth frees you makes you whole