The path

A long and winding path through this world
In which hatred and fear fight each other
In this world you see love turn to hate
Even the love between a sister and brother

But all is not lost keep hoping please
Some will be guided by him
Others will continue their fighting
But their future Iím sure will be grim

The ones that are guided are blessed
Chosen by Allah our lord
They follow his rule and command
By them this can not be ignored

They will try and help others find
The path that leads to the truth
They will say what is on their minds
To both the old and the youth

I know their faith is so strong
And they donít belief blind
They always look for the proof
And they say what is on their mind

Nothing remains hidden for you
If it is truth you want to hear
Just open your mind and listen
And soon to his rule youíll adhere

Once the truth has been revealed
This belief you can not deny
Youíll know who is our lord
Our creator the one most high

So keep hoping for all of the people
That are still lost in their faith
Pray that Allah will soon guide them
To this path of ours long and straight