The blessings of Allah

The blessings of Allah they are many
Iím sure you could name me a few
And whatís good, they donít cost a penny
If only the non Muslims knew

The rays of the sun, which rises each day
The rain that falls from the sky
All the blessings you will find, on your way
I canít name them all but Iíll try

The first breath of life that is taken
By your first born daughter or son
Iím sure in this you wonít be mistaken
For a blessing of Allah this is one

When you open your eyes in the morning
When you eat from the food on your plate
We all know this could end without warning
Itís just another blessing, your fate

He might bless you with wealth and a long life
Or bless you with very good friends
As long as he knows that you will strife
To please him until this life ends

More blessings just come to my mind
The fruit that grows on the trees
I know thereís more I will find
How about the fish in the seas

So look around and his blessings youíll find
The small grain of sand and the sun
So open your eyes and see donít be blind
Because whatever youíll see it is one.