"I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Shaytan"
Shaytan's whispers

Sometimes you hear a voice a whisper in your ear
It speaks gentle words and takes away your fear
It speaks about the pleasures of material things
Of big cars, money and of golden rings

It whispers in your ear prayer can wait a bit
And it makes you wonder why you should submit
It whispers one glass of wine wonít do you harm
And missing a prayer is no cause for alarm

And when you act on the first whisper you've heard
When you listen and believe every word
You will find you hear more whispers in your ear
And you will start to forget itís Allah you should fear

The voice will whisper borrow money itís okay
And you wonít think how itís your religion you betray
The whispers will tell you to eat from this food
You know itís haram itís only yourself you delude

The whispers get more and louder every day
And these whisper will make sure that youíll stray
You will think about wealth and not about your lord
The more you listen the less it can be ignored

So close your ears to Shaytanís whispers now
And pray to Allah and to him you should bow
Seek refuge in Allah from Shaytanís evil curse
Read the Qurían every day and remember each verse

Ask Allah for the help and protection you need
Hold on to your faith and you will succeed
Close your mind to the Shaytanís whispers in your ear
And remember it is your lord Allah you should fear

So when you hear whispers just start to pray
Ask Allah for guidance so you will not stray
Shaytan will still try but he wonít succeed
For a true believer he can not mislead