I opened my eyes and got up early this day
It was raining outside and the sky was grey
The wind was howling and blowing in full force
It was full of anger and without any remorse

I was thinking that day of what to believe
While I got dressed and got ready to leave
I walked to work and turned on my pc
Meanwhile thinking and I started to see

The truth about Islam and whatís meant to be
To worship only Allah and to this I agree
And believe in his prophet peace be upon him
And to know in my heart this is not a whim

At the end of the day it was time to go home
While walking in the rain I let my thoughts roam
I arrived at my house and opened the door
A smile on my face more certain than before

This was the night I gave testimony to my faith
For I knew I had no more reasons to wait
I said Shahada with tears in my voice
Knowing deep in my heart I made the right choice

After this I did feel in my heart a great peace
And the words that I spoke made my faith increase
Ash hadu alla ilaha ilallah
wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah

Now I am Muslim with pride in my heart
Iím standing at the beginning this is the start
I have much to learn and mistakes will be made
But I will try my best and not be afraid

So praise be to Allah the most merciful is he
For opening my eyes and making me see
My praise will be to him the rest of my life.
And for this I will fight for this I will strife