Servant and slave

We are here as servants to Allah, we are his slaves
From the day we where born until we rest in our graves
We are here only to worship our lord most high
He is lord and master of all on earth and in the sky

He is master of all you can see around you
And master of all that remains hidden to
Some people in this world have eyes but can’t see
They can’t see Allah’s wisdom or his mercy

These people they are poisoning their heart
And by not seeing from the straight path they’ll depart
But there’s still hope count on Allah’s forgiveness
He might guide them and make sure they wont regress

As a servant and slave of our mighty lord
We should do everything to Allah’s accord
To please him and praise him is what we should do
Not because he needs it but for the need within you

To abide by his rule will give you so much pleasure
To be our lords servant and slave is a treasure
Be strong in your belief and show all your deen
A proud servant and slave for all to be seen

But shaytan will always try to make us stray
So make sure Allah’s rules you will obey
When a true servant and slave gets affected by shaytans call
His belief in Allah will make sure he won’t fall

The more we love, honour and glorify our lord
The stronger our faith and the more sure our reward
Live your life as shown in the Qur’an and the Sunnah
As a servant and slave to our mighty lord Allah