Familiar faces we see in the street
And even unfamiliar ones we meet
Say salaam to all whom you see
And they will return it to you and to me

Salaam it means peace, so please spread it around
The meaning of this word is so profound
People will reply with ďand peace on youĒ
And in reply to a salaam you should do it to

Know that Allahís servants of the sky
The Angels, will extend this humble reply
Spread the salaam and bask in Allahís grace
By doing this you show itís Islam you embrace

By giving salaam it will strengthen our tie
It will create a strong bond between you and I
Even for those you do not know donít hesitate
Spread the salaam it will strengthen our fate

So do not greet with good morning or good day
Salaam is the first thing you should say
Donít wait with your salaam for the other to start
Just says it with love make it come from your heart

So I will say salaam to all of you now
And I will keep on saying it to all I will vow
So I say this again thereís no need to wait
Spread the salaam and strengthen your faith