What is our purpose in this life ?
What is the goal for which we strive ?
Is it money, wealth a husband or wife ?
Is that the reason why we are alive ?

Whatever the reason thereís no use denying
With every heartbeat we are closer to dying
But rest assured this is no reason for crying
Just live life the best you can and keep trying

When will we die will death wait ?
Will it be on time or will it be delayed ?
Is death truly everybodies fate ?
Will death be what we patiently await ?

Rest assured when we die it will be our time
Whether we die of old age or a crime
Some die as children and some in their prime
If youíve lived by his rule to Jannah you might climb

When we will die, will the sun shine bright ?
Or will we die under the blanket of night ?
Will we be at peace or will it be a fright ?
Will the Angel of Death come with itís invite ?

The time of our death is known by the one who created
Weíll die day or night and whether loved or hated
The time and place of death can not be negotiated
It was preset by Allah and he canít be debated

When we die will that be the end ?
Or is there a place to which we will ascend ?
If weíve made mistakes is there still time to amend ?
Is there anyone on earth that can comprehend ?

If lived by Allahís rule to Jannah we might rise
For all people this would be the ultimate prize
We donít know where we go if someone dies
Only Allah knows where because heís All knowing All wise