Only one thing I fear

I want you to know thereís only one thing I fear
The one, our lord and to his rules I adhere
Iím not worried about death or pain I might feel
Or worried about this life, this might sound surreal

I worry about making mistakes and doing things wrong
Or about listening to Shaytan because Iím not that strong
But this worry is good it makes me work and try hard
And I know that working at it and trying is a good start

So I read the Qurían , tafsir and hadith
I read every word and once Iím done I repeat
My knowledge is little so thereís plenty room left to grow
I listen to lectures and the more knowledgeable people I know

Sometimes I feel like a sponge soaking up information
While trying to stay clear from every forbidden temptation
And by doing this I hope to please Allah our lord
Maybe I will be allowed to enter Jannah as a reward

Just thinking about paradise makes me want to do more
Every aspect of this religion I want to explore
And I put my trust in Allah with everything that I do
Pleasing Allah makes me happy and you know that is true

All of you that believe and have trust in our faith
Know that pleasing Allah just makes us feel great
So whatever happens please show no worries or fear
Just practice your faith and always be sincere

So I turned to Allah whenever I was afraid
Or when I was in need itís to Allah that I prayed
And I will keep doing this my whole life long
Because since I found this faith I know where I belong

No matter what will happen the good and the bad
The things that make me happy or terribly sad
They are all send to the faithful by Allah as a test
And every one of these tests should show us we are blessed

One day we all know we will have to account for every deed
And we all hope of course that our good deeds will exceed
So Iíll continue to learn and my faith will grow every day
And to reach Jannah in the future for this I will pray