My pen

Sometimes I sit and wonder why do I write
And what causes this feeling that sets me alight
This urge that makes me pick up my pen
Just when I think I知 done I値l start again

These words they flow into my head
While I知 at work or asleep in bed
Words that show my love for this deen
And when I write them I feel so serene

I write to express the love for my lord
When inspired by him it can稚 be ignored
But no matter how many poems I write
There痴 always another to my great delight

I値l never be done showing my love
This is something I am truly sure of
So as long as there are words left to write
And as long as Allah shows me the light

I will share these words with all I know
Hoping that it will make their faith grow
I thank my lord for this gift he gave me
So I can share with all what I see

These words truly come from my soul
And to perfect these poems that is my goal
So I can make clear the truth that I feel
The truth about our lord it is so real

And share it with all that are willing to learn
For all to be Muslims oh for this I do yearn
So every time that I write I値l learn more
And with every word I feel my heart soar

And if you feel these feelings I share
I know your love for our lord you値l declare
It can not be ignored when the truth is shown
And I知 sure in your heart you have always known

So for as long as I知 able to hold my pen
I will write poems about Allah again and again
It will strengthen my faith and maybe yours too
When you find out all about our lord Allah is true