My beliefs

From when I was a child I never believed
My questions unanswered I felt deceived
And with an empty heart for years I have grieved
But the truth deep inside I have always perceived

A few words from you is all I did need
To plant in my heart this beliefs seed
These words I need for my heart to be freed
So the growth of this belief can proceed

Iíve learned we are one by Allahís grace
No matter what our colour or our race
When Islam is the religion that you embrace
The strength of all believers will interlace

I now know paradise can be earned
Through the lessons that I now have learned
Now my whole life has been upturned
But I have faith and I am not concerned

I know sometimes I might stumble and fall
But Allah never gives a burden too tall
This is something I must always recall
The tests Allah gives us not just me but us all

I used to lie awake wondering each night
Because in my heart there was a great fight
Not knowing what was true and right
But now I have been shown the light

The path thatís straight and oh so true
The path that leads me straight to you
The path that changed my point of view
With this I can start my life anew

I now know to Allah Iíll return one day
And until than I will not stray
This belief is something I wonít betray
And to Allah alone I will pray