A new Muslim, a revert that’s what I am
Some frown at that and others condemn
But I hold my head high and say with pride
I will follow Allah, for me he did guide

Some people will turn their backs on me
But that’s just because they’re too blind to see
The truth that is in Islam, my deen
For them this will remain unseen

Unless Allah will guide them too
And like me they’ll start their life anew
They’ll be innocent as a new born child
They will open their eyes and be beguiled

Like me they will learn one step at a time
It will be like a mountain they’ll have to climb
Sometimes they will stumble and they will fall
But I’m sure that will happen to us all

I’m standing at the beginning now
With many others and we’ll make it somehow
We will study and learn diligently
Because good Muslims is what we long to be

So our praise will be to Allah our lord
To this all Muslims are in accord
For opening our eyes grateful we’ll be
And Inshaa’allah the whole world will see

So all Muslims be proud and hold your head high
Our belief is the truth no one can deny
We will all stand together and never be alone
Because to all Muslims the truth has been shown