"For without doubt in the rememberance
of Allah do hearts find satisfaction"
Love for Allah

Itís not easy to explain to someone that doesnít know
Why this belief is truth and not just here for show
Or why I made the choice to follow this, my deen
I try to explain but for some the truth remains unseen

I try to explain about this strong love I feel
For our lord Allah these feelings are so real
He will remain the most important all my life
I live by his rule and to obey him I strife

To be guided by him is an honour you see
All others that have been guided Iím sure will agree
We where blessed by him when he showed us the way
Now weíll make sure that we wonít go astray

My deepest wish is to make all this clear
To show all around me thereís no need for fear
All Muslims are brothers and sisters to me
And our love for Allah is so plain to see

And his prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
Without him being send our lives would be grim
We would not be guided all people would stray
So praise be to Allah for sending him our way

For all that will read this know I speak from my heart
And these may just be words but it might be a start
To make all this clear and to show you this love
That we all have for Allah thereís no doubt thereof

And maybe just one will read this and say
I believe in this truth and will follow this way
May we all remain guided and know what is true
And may Allahís blessings be on all of you