I donít know much yet but Iím willing to learn
It is knowledge I seek and for knowledge I yearn
I feel like a child on its first day at school
And I know for this faith knowledge is the tool

I sit and listen while I try to memorise
When I struggle and fail I let out many sighs
I might stumble and fall but I will carry on
Even if I have to study all night until dawn

Iíll try my best and improvement will be seen
When you feel like I do the love for this deen
No effort is to great and no burden too tall
I just keep on trying and get up when I fall

And on that blessed day when I realise
That I will learn when I listen to the advise
Given to me by brothers and sisters with love
And to see me learn is what theyíll be proud of

The more that I learn the more my love grows
And Iím sure of my efforts our Lord Allah knows
I will listen and learn until my last day
This way my love will grow and I will not stray

I hope for the people that will take time and read
This poem in their heart will plant a seed
And they will know it will take some time to learn
And even if they stumble this is not a concern

Our lord Allah knows and he sees how we try
He knows all our hard work and what we apply
So please our lord, learn and live by his rule
This should be your drive this should be your fuel