Hopes and wishes

Many hopes and wishes I carry in my heart
Most have been there from the very start
Some remained hidden even I did not know
Until one day these hopes and wishes did show

One wish is for Allah to take the darkness from me
To show me the light so the truth I will see
Let this light of knowledge shine as the sun so bright
And let me be attracted to it as a moth to the light

My hope is for Allah to guide those I love
My family and the friends I canít let go of
Let them be guided and let them be blessed
And let them believe and to this faith attest

One wish is for Allah to guide all on earth
To keep them on the path from their birth
Let them see the truth inside our faith
And let them keep walking on the path that is straight

My hope is for Allah to be pleased with me
To guide me so I do what is right you see
Let me do only what is good in his sight
And let me help others to do what is right

One wish is for Allah to help us in this life
To reach Jannah the goal for which we strive
Let us be guided to Jannah our paradise
For pleasing Allah this will be our prize wise