Everybody wants to find
The place where they belong
Some still have a clouded mind
But in others faith is strong

Although some wonít find the way
Many others he (Allah) will guide
For those who are lost I will pray
Until they know and will decide

Thereís is one god and he is the One
And to live by his words is the way
To him belong heaven, earth and even the sun
So follow is words and donít go astray

Follow what you hear in your heart
And what is deep within your soul
Because on you this knowledge heíll impart
And this will heal you make you whole

So close your eyes and listen please
To the words you hear inside
When you hear it you will be at ease
And to his words you will abide

No more doubts will come to mind
And all this to you will be so clear
This is what you hoped to find
And it will take away your fear

After your soul was left to roam
It was like everything fell in place
Youíll feel like finally coming home
And you bask now in Allahís grace

To the end of days youíll now believe
Islam is the only way, itís true
I know this youíll now perceive
Because Allah has guided you

So praise be to him almighty and high
Because he showed you mercy today
I am so happy this makes me cry
Make sure for your brothers and sisters youíll pray