Lost within myself the pain is oh so real
There is sadness in my soul it is sorrow that I feel
All alone in the world no one to comfort me
So I pray to my lord please listen to my plea

I might not be understood by the ones I called my friends
This is where bonds are broken this is where friendship ends
The pain this causes is blinding and easy it is not
It twists and turns inside me, is this my cruel lot?

A warmth I felt inside me in my heart and soul
This warmth it let a light on the path towards my goal
The loneliness had disappeared when I did realise
That to gain a place in Jannah I need to pay a prise

I know more friends can be made in this life
And even without friends I will survive
Because my faith now gives me the strength I need
And from this faith, Islam, I will take my lead

One has always stood beside me through both good and bad
Someone who always made me happy when I was sad
One who helped me find the way unto this path so right
One who I can always call to every day and night

I praise Allah every day for showing me the way
I pray to him that all my life this happy I will stay<
I thank him for putting you on my path this life
And I pray that I will reach the goal for which I strife

To live life as a muslim this is what I want
To share it with this someone and create a family bond
To raise our family the way he meant it to be
To show our pride as muslims for all the world to see

The path might not be easy and it might cause some pain
But with help from you I know on this path I will remain
So all praise be to Allah to put you on my path that day
Because that day I was guided and now I will not stray