Five times a day

All of us Muslims pray five times a day
Each has its time and we should not delay
Between the first light and the sunrise
Fajr is prayed when we open our eyes

And the second we’ll pray after midday
The name of this prayer is Dhuhr they say
With every prayer we think of Allah our lord
And we know in each prayer there is a reward

So as the sun climbs and rises some more
It will be time for next prayer it is no chore
We pray Asr prayer in mid afternoon
Never forget because the end could be soon

And when we pray we think of Allah alone
Remember all thoughts by Allah are known
When the sun sets we know it is time
To pray Maghrib it makes us feel sublime

With every prayer we’ll feel inner peace
And with each prayer our faith will increase
At the end of the day when the night falls
We’ll pray our last prayer when the athan calls

Isha is the name of the days last prayer
When praying our love for Allah we’ll declare
And when Allah blesses us with just one more day
Be sure that again it will be five times we pray