Did you ever have that feeling deep inside?
When you woke up in the middle of the night
That something is missing it just isnít right
This emptiness that in your heart does reside

I had this same feeling for many years
Some nights I would wake up in tears
I tried to pretend that it just wasnít there
But it returned each night to my great despair

A hollow inside where my heart should be
I did not understand I just could not see
What was causing this feeling I didnít know
And the tears of fear I let freely flow

And in the morning when I did awake
I kept myself busy for my own sake
But when the night came and I went to bed
The fear came back this feeling I dread

I could not explain but surely I tried
In great frustration bitter tears I cried
Until one night I woke up once more
Feeling this emptiness in my very core

Finally it clicked I knew what was wrong
And I realised I had known al along
I tried to deny the truth about our lord
But I know in my heart he can not be ignored

He guides whom he wills and he guided me
He showed me the way and this set me free
I opened my heart to what I knew was true
And the emptiness filled with deep love for you

What was missing so long was Allah my lord
To have found him you know is the biggest reward
The emptiness filled now with this great love
And basking in his blessings send from above

So for all of you that have this feeling inside
For all who wake up in the middle of the night
Know what is missing is the faith in our lord
And know that to be guided is the greatest reward