Created in pairs

Allah has created all things in pairs
For every soul on earth another is created
We ask to find this soul in our prayers
And once we find it we will be elated

How will you know you have found the one
That fills you with love and makes you whole
The one with whom youíll have a daughter or son
The one who is the other half to your soul

Your heart will know who is right
Your heart will be filled with so much joy
You will hold on to this with all your might
And everyday together you will enjoy

But be sure trouble will cross your path
And know that easy it will not be
To live together canít be calculated like math
But when you succeed it will be great you see

Marry this person and youíll fulfil half your deen
Work hard at this and your life will be blessed
You will please Allah and for this feel serene
And know the problems in life are just a test

Some times you might argue and maybe fight
Misunderstandings and mistakes will appear
But when you work at it youíll find great delight
And by doing this to Allahís rules youíll adhere

Take care of each other and forgive mistakes
Help each other to keep on the path thatís straight
Even when sometimes you feel your heart breaks
Together please Allah and hold on to your faith

And remember show your love with your deeds
A word can say a lot but is just and empty shell
Take care of one another and fulfil each others needs
And know that whatever is in your heart Allah can tell

Know that my soul was complete the day I found you
And although I make mistakes I mean well
I will follow my words with deeds that ring true
And I hope only on our future together weíll dwell

My heart and soul have been stolen by you
And you are my hearts protector and keeper
Now a happy live with you is what I pursue
And every day my love grows stronger and deeper