Born as a Muslim

When your first son or daughter is born
On a cold winter night or a warm summer morn
When your child takes its first breath of life
To comfort and protect will be your drive

The first words this blessed child will hear
Are said by its father in its right ear
These words are the athan the call to prayer
And of our lord Allah he will be aware

The baby’s first food will be the sweet date
To be born as a Muslim is every child’s fate
To be raised as a Muslim a blessing from above
To be taught it is Allah they should fear and love

Raise them with love and teach them all you know
It fills you with pride as they mature and grow
When they show their love and trust in our lord
To every Muslim parent this is a great reward

So when you are blessed with a daughter or son
Make sure you teach them Allah is the one
And teach them about the messenger too
Oh Muhammad our messenger peace be upon you

Raise them with knowledge and trust in our faith
So they’ll always stay on the path that is straight
Teach them about love, honour and how to obey
And they will be good Muslims for this I will pray

To teach them to worship Allah is our goal
So they feel his love in their heart and their soul
Set an example and show them what is right
And pray they’ll stay guided each day and each night