Be grateful

Be grateful that you donít have all you desire
And that there is more you wish for and require
Be grateful there are things you donít know
And that thereís still room for your faith to grow

Be grateful for all those difficult times
When you are confronted with hardship and crimes
Be grateful there are limits to what you can do
And that you need to work to learn something new

Be grateful for all mistakes that you make
And for trying your best for Allahís sake
Be grateful for every challenge you face
And for this deen Islam that you did embrace

Be grateful for every lesson you learn
And for the truth for which we all yearn
Be grateful for the times when youíre tired
And for all the things in life youíve acquired

Be grateful for all the things that you see
And for our creator to this you agree
Be grateful for the strength he gave you
And for showing the path you know is true

Be grateful for the Qurían send down from above
And for the messenger we all truly love
Be grateful for all that happens to you
And not just for the good but the bad things too

Be grateful every minute of every day
And show this when to Allah you pray
Be grateful to belong to the best family
And be grateful to Allah for making you see