"God(Allah)taught man what he did not know"
Are you....

Why seek acceptance from people around you
Why do you listen when they tell you what to do
Are they so important that you listen to what they say
Are they the ones that will judge you on the final day

Do you listen even when you know itís not true
Do you listen when they try to convince you
Are you afraid of what the people will do
Are they the ones that have created you

Will you follow them away from the path
Will you risk our lord Allahís wrath
Are you more worried about this short life
Are you forgetting for what you should strive

Can you live this life if it is not his choice
Can you speak if he did not grant you a voice
Are you praying now to be guided by him
Are you seeing how without Allah all would be grim

When will you start to listen and realise
When will you start to see he can grant paradise
Are you still going to continue to stray
Are you turning to Allah and will you pray

What will you feel when the truth is clear
What will you feel great love and fear
Are you no longer worried about what people say
Are you only worried about being judged on that day

What will happen when your end is near
What will happen in a day or a year
Are you on the path you know is true
Are you still in doubt of what Allah will do

All questions no answers not by you or me
The only one who can answer is the one we canít see
He might grant us paradise or maybe hell
So try just to please him until your final farewell