Angels are created by Allah from Light
Created to serve him and to do what is right
They follow his command and always obey
They have their duties from which they canít stray

Unlike us humans they can not choose
Allahís commands they can not refuse
They obey his command every day
And know to Allah all angels do pray

Unlike men angels glorify him night and day
They donít need guidance they will never stray
They have no desires for material things
Houses or money or shiny golden rings

To every angel a task is assigned
Some of them are to serve humankind
Some are with you from the day youíre born
Some are here to send a message or warn

Some angels are created to record our deeds
And others are created to care for our needs
Unlike with angels itís the task of all men
To make best of their lives in its short span

Unlike angels we need to do what is right
We can make a choice between darkness and light
We should follow Allah and live by his command
And unlike angels we need to refrain from whatís banned

And angels can never do anything wrong
Unlike men we have to resist evil and be strong
We might ignore our lord and follow our desires
Think of gaining wealth and building empires

Just remember on your last day in this life
You will meet the angels be sure theyíll arrive
At that time you will question did you obey his rule
Like all angels do or have you been a fool

The angels will treat you as Allah commands
They might guide you gently and hold your hands
But be afraid if you did not do what was right
Because the angels of death will be a big fright