Allah knows

How to describe these feelings i feel
It's hard to explain it all seems unreal
I can't put it in words I don't know if it shows
But it doesn't matter becasue I'm sure Allah knows

I can tell you one thing of which there is no doubt
It does not matter to Allah what's inside or out
Some people are still doubting I'll whisper to those
Make sure what ever you think our lord Allah knows

All of your thoughts whether spoken or not
Make sure that he knows, he our god
So when you have thoughts that this religion oppose
Than please remember this Allah always knows

Nothing remains hidden no secret no lies
Because our lord Allah is all knowing, all wise
So all that is hidden Allah will expose
I've said this before and you know Allah knows

So make sure you're honest and your words ring true
Be a good Muslim and he'll be pleased with you
So do all good deeds, make sure your faith grows
And remember again that our lord Allah knows

I am still learning you know and easy it's not
I worry too much if there are things I forgot
I'm trying my best and I'm sure that it shows
And how lucky I am because I know Allah knows

Everyday I'll learn more my mistakes will be less
I will work so hard to make this a success
I will say this once more you know how it goes
No matter what happens make sure Allah knows