A jewel in hijab

All covered up and protected
Like a precious stone
By many people respected
Looks by strangers unknown

Like a priceless jewel thatís hidden
Stored in a satin covered case
For others to look at it is forbidden
Only one will know its grace

Some people would try to steal
If they saw its beauty uncovered
So thatís why weíll have to conceal
So it will remain undiscovered

So in Hijab this jewel will remain
A manís most precious possession
I know this I donít need to explain
I know some will see this as oppression

But know that all thatís in his heart
Is to surround her with love and protection
To make sure theyíll never be apart
The most priceless jewel of his collection

So a precious jewel we wish to be
The Hijab our satin covered case
Only for one to look at and see
And to know our true grace