A believers soul

Every soul on earth has a predestined time
No matter if we die of old age or crime
All on this earth will feel sorrow and pain
But that’s only for those who on earth will remain.

A believer’s soul is taken from him with ease
Because in his life Allah he did appease
The angels of mercy treat it with respect
Because to Allah’s will in life he did subject

With great strength and deep voice 3 questions are asked
Answers can’t be hidden the truth won’t be masked
The first question will be who is your lord
And trust me these questions can not be ignored

His answer will be My lord is Allah
Or that is what I hope Inshaa’Allah
The second will be what is your deen
He’ll answer with pride and no doubt will be seen

My religion is Islam, Islam is my deen
After this answer he will feel serene
And than at last the third question they’ll ask
And to true believers this won’t be a task

They’ll mention Muhammad and ask who is he
After answering this his soul will feel free
He’ll answer them soon without any fear
A clear and strong voice that’s what they will hear

This will fill him with pride up to the brim
Allah’s prophet and messenger peace be upon him
Now the doors will be opened to paradise
For that’s Allah’s reward and he’s all knowing all wise